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LumenShield was built on understanding the balance between professionalism and aggressive online marketing. Your company should stand out in a memorably unique way - and we're here to help you get there.

  • SEO - No web marketing company should offer any service without SEO
  • SEO Evolutions - Don't let an SEO company trick you into thinking SEO is a one-off optimization. We'll continuously research your industry for latest standards
  • Ad Campaigns - We'll manage your campaigns and keep you in the loop on how we're constantly helping your campaigns evolve
  • Unique Look - Check out how our professional web developers will create a unique design and feel for your online presence
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Want to do more for your company? Here's how

We're your complete marketing company on the gulf coast, but maybe you're curious about what part you can play in helping your business stay at the top of its online presence? We'll be here to assist you on best practices - should you need it.

  • HR - We'll guide you through the best practices on how to keep your online presence positive.
  • Negativity - LumenShield will discuss, with you, how to handle negativity - especially in reviews - and how you can turn a bad situation into good PR.
  • Marketing Direction - Open a discussion with us. We want to know the direction you plan on taking your company - and we'll help you get there. How do you want your business to be viewed by others?
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